How much time do you spend working on your marketing efforts? Thirty minutes? One hour? Under five minutes?

Many of you have told me that one of your most difficult marketing obstacles is the element of time. Finding the time to make lunch appointments, follow-up with phone calls, or send thank you notes. Much of marketing requires an investment of time on the part of the attorney. Larger firms can rely upon marketing directors to deal with client development, but small firm practitioners have to be more creative.

Here’s a suggestion for small firm practitioners that can cut your time in half: use a Marketing Assistant. This is a person who can devote time each week to your firm’s marketing efforts, including:

  • Scheduling marketing events: lunches, dinners, meetings, social gatherings
  • Working on public relations activities
  • Supporting firm communication efforts with clients and referral sources
  • Managing your database of clients and referral sources

…and more! Ideally, the marketing assistant should be a person with an active interest in marketing; someone with past experience in marketing, sales or public relations. This can be a person who works remotely (a virtual marketing assistant), part-time (a college student), or full-time (an in-office hire).

Right now, the market is flooded with marketing people who, due to the recession, have been downsized. While college students who are studying marketing remain a great resource as marketing interns or assistants, remember to also look at the more experienced people who are in the job market. Right now you can hire experienced marketing talent for less than you think.

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