Many firms coast from year to year without addressing critical issues or developing actionable strategic plans. Take a look at the following statements which pinpoint the most common reasons for staging a firm retreat. If you agree with even one of these statements, it may be time for you to plan a retreat before the end of the year. If so, we can help. Just keep in mind that sometimes you have to retreat – in order to advance.

  • Our firm does not have a strategic plan for the future that all agree upon
  • Our firm is not realizing it’s full profit potential
  • Our firm has the opportunity to greatly expand in the new year
  • Our firm is facing stiff new competition in the coming year
  • Our firm is considering adding a new partner or practice area next year
  • A partner will be retiring soon and our firm has no succession plan
  • Business is slow and no one is actively marketing our firm
  • Our clients are complaining about the level of service we deliver
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