Cammie HauserA question on the minds of many attorneys these days is this: “How do I exit or transition out of my practice — when I’m ready — and get a return on my investment?” I want to receive something for the sweat equity invested in building my practice!

It’s a good question. Many of you have spent years building your firm and still contemplate an uncertain future. What exit strategies can you adopt now to ensure that you’ll reap the benefits of all the time, energy and work you’ve invested in the past?

Glenn GutekOn a recent graduate network call, Senior Practice Advisors Cammie Hauser and Glenn Gutek shared a unique perspective on succession planning.



  • The value that shareholders should expect out of their firm
  • The best timeline to begin planning plus the typical stages in a transition
  • What are the best options for the firm (and myself.)
  • Key questions to ask yourself to make sure you are considering the most important factors.

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