Regina Olbinsky, Atticus® Practice Advisor, was joined by Practice Advisors Jan Copley and David Phelps as they discussed maximizing productivity in your law practice.The quality of your practice is dictated by two things, the quality of your clients and the quality of your staff. While we’ve talked a lot about the quality of your clients, we’re now going to discuss the quality of your team.

On this call we’ll be discussing how to maximize productivity for both you and your staff. Some of the points that we’ll discuss include:

  • Defining productivity
  • Two prong approach – self and others (staff)
  • Variables and obstacles affecting productivity
  • Establishing productivity benchmarks and tracking progress/result
  • Levers of productivity: motivation, mood, manager’s style, definition of work, personal / office organization, sense of progress, others
  • Ideas in maximizing productivity

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