Atticus works with bar associations, law firms, and private organizations serving the legal profession to provide practical, nuts and bolts workshops, teleclasses, speaking engagements and coaching programs for their members.

While Atticus will conduct programs for various organizations, Strategic Partners have an exclusive marketing relationship with Atticus that permits them to distribute Atticus’ products and services to their members. If your organization has an interest in finding out what it takes to become a strategic partner please see our contact page and mention strategic partnering.

Currently Atticus maintains formal relationships with the following organizations:

 Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund, Inc. logoThe Fund

Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. (“The Fund”) was initiated in Florida by the Orange County Bar Association and opened its doors in 1948. The Fund, with over 6,000 members, supports lawyers’ real estate practices, issuing policies only through their member agents – they do no direct business and they are never in a position of competition with real estate attorneys.The Fund’s gauge of success is based on how much their services are used and how effective they are in lobbying for the benefit of their members. Ultimately, the truest measure of their success lies in how progressive and innovative they are in serving the full range of their members’ needs.Atticus’ strategic relationship with The Fund is one of its most prized accomplishments given The Fund’s reputation and commitment to excellence. The Atticus relationship is managed by Michael R. Hammond, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing Services.

WeathCounsel logoWealthCounsel

WealthCounsel helps estate planning attorneys transform their practices through greater drafting efficiency and increased profitability. When combined with WealthCounsel’s relevant education curriculum and practice-building resources, the WealthDocx estate planning software enables attorneys to practice with unparalleled accuracy, mastery and efficiency.

North Carolina Advocates for Justice logoNorth Carolina Advocates for Justice

The North Carolina Advocates For Justice was formed more than 45 years ago by a small group of trial lawyers who wanted to protect peoples’ rights. Today, the North Carolina Advocates For Justice has almost 4,000 members and is one of the top protectors of individual rights in North Carolina. NC Advocates For Justice members represent those injured by the wrongdoing of others, workers fighting for their rights in the workplace, the disabled, those addressing family problems, consumers, those in debt, and those accused of crime.The North Carolina Advocates for Justice accomplishes its mission through effective advocacy work in the NC state legislature advocating for the rights of all citizens, through the development of over 40 professional development seminars annually to help attorneys improve their skills, and through the administration of a variety of public outreach and education initiatives aimed at enhancing public understanding of the US legal system. The organization’s Legal Affairs Committee also monitors the development of law and serves as a trial attorney advocate to the State Bar.

New Hampshire Association for Justice logoNew Hampshire Association for Justice

The NHAJ is a professional development organization for trial attorneys. By developing and leveraging the knowledge and skills of our members, we are able to help keep the scales of justice in balance, ensuring a voice for consumers, protecting access to the courts, and helping our members obtain justice for their clients.

Delaware Trial Lawyers Association logoDelaware Trial Lawyers Association

The DTLA aims to seek justice for all, preserve the constitutional right to trial by jury, champion the cause of those who deserve redress for injury to person or property, prevent injury from occurring through the promotion of safe products, a safe workplace, a clean environment, and quality health care, inspire excellence in advocacy through training and education, encourage mutual support and cooperation among members, and uphold the honor and dignity of the legal profession and the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity.

San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association logoSan Francisco Trial Lawyers Association

The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFTLA) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides a multitude of benefits and services to its over 860 members, including plaintiffs attorneys, defense attorneys, law students, and law office supporting staff.For over fifty years SFTLA has served the needs of the plaintiff’s bar. Our main goal is to provide continuing legal education to attorneys, but we also offer everything from a group health plan to fun networking events. Catering mostly to the small firm, SFTLA finds ways to help practitioners with the business of running a firm, working especially hard to bring together both sides of the aisle, members of the Bench, and local legislators, so that members can have a greater impact on the legal community.

TLA-DC logoTrial Lawyers Association of Washington

DCTLA-DC is a voluntary, nonprofit bar association of, by, and for D.C. area trial lawyers. We are dedicated to upholding and safeguarding our civil justice system. Our members strive to hold wrongdoers accountable for the harms they inflict on consumers, workers, and families.

Florida Justice Association logoFlorida Justice Association

The Florida Justice Association (FJA), formerly the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers (AFTL), is dedicated to strengthening and upholding Florida’s civil justice system and protecting the rights of Florida’s citizens and consumers. We passionately believe that all Floridians benefit when deserving individuals have a fair chance to seek justice in our state’s courts and that Florida’s consumers are made safer when large corporations and industries are held to a high ethical standard and accept fair responsibility for their actions. FJA works in the legislative, political and public arenas to ensure that Floridians know and understand the importance of their rights to justice and to make certain that these rights, which are at the very core of what it means to be American, are safeguarded and protected.

Virginia Trial Lawyers Association logoVirginia Trial Lawyers Association

The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association is committed to attaining diversity of its membership, acknowledging that the interests of equal access to justice are best served by a robust exchange of ideas among persons of various backgrounds. VTLA Leadership maintains an active dialogue with its own members and with the diversity of bar associations which represent persons of various backgrounds in efforts to serve that goal.

Omnia Group logoThe Omnia Group

The Omnia Group helps more than 2,300 clients hire the right person the first time and manage them for peak performance and long-term retention. The Omnia Group has helped employers make more informed hiring decisions and manage their existing employees for peak performance and long-term retention.

Affinity Consulting Group logoAffinity Consulting Group

The Affinity Consulting Group has provided technology advice to law firms since 1998 and currently serves over 1000 law firm clients in the southeastern U.S. InTouch is nationally recognized as one of North America’s leading technologists in the legal industry, and has been voted by as a prestigious “Top Tier Technologists” consulting firm.


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