Ky KochKy Koch

Marital and Family Law
Clearwater FL
(727) 446-6248

I wish I had done this 28 years ago when I first became a lawyer. I feel like I spent my career learning and perfecting the art of being a lawyer and paying no attention to making money by running my business. In the past all my efforts have made me money by accident. Becoming involved with Atticus® has taught me how to operate more effectively and efficiently. Service to our clients is better than ever and our profits continue to rise.

We have more profit while working less and providing better client service. I feel in control. I now run my law firm; it is not running me.

Lonny BalbiLonny Balbi

Family Law
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(403) 269-7300

I consider myself to be reasonably forward-thinking when it comes to marketing and running my business. When I heard Mark Powers speak at a conference, I was intrigued by some new thoughts and innovative approaches. I was particularly interested in his insight in the workings of a Family Law practice and decided to work with Atticus® in the Double Your Revenue Workshop. We implemented better systems and began thinking in innovative ways, including Atticus® concepts like exclusivity, client selection and the dash board. It is exciting to look at marketing in a new way.

For me, it is not about making more money as much as it is providing better service and enjoying my life’s work. Atticus® has given me new energy in my pursuits. Mark Powers and his team at Atticus® are good people with great ideas. Atticus® is worth every penny!

Gregory Herman-GiddensGreg Herman-Giddens

Estate Planning & Administration
Chapel Hill, NC
(800) 201-0413
TrustCounsel, P.A.

When I first contacted Atticus®, I had a desire to work less hours and make more money. By working with their team, I am learning the advantage of thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, creating systems, delegating, etc. I feel more in control of my practice, and I provide better service to my clients now. Personally, I benefit from increased free time and I have a greater income – which means I have more time to ride around in the new red corvette I bought last year!

I heartily recommend Atticus® for any attorney who is interested in changing their practice and their life for the better!

Nancy HarrisNancy Harris

Marital and Family Law
Tampa, FL
(813) 223-5421

My practice was controlling me vs. me controlling the practice. I was operating with the treadmill feeling. I needed to see the benefits and get back in the driver seat with my practice. Because of Atticus®, I can see my goals. From time to time I hit detours, but I now know how to get back on course. Atticus® gives you the tools. Of course, if you don’t use the tools, you won’t get the results. Atticus® wont let you get away with smooth talking your way out of not doing the work and that is exactly what makes the difference. It is delightful to have my life again, while making more money without additional time.


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