What if you could one day transition out of your practice, create a succession plan and capture the value you’ve invested in your firm?

One of the most critical and time sensitive issues being discussed among law firm owners and shareholders in their 50s and 60s is how to exit their law practice in the next 10 to 15 years. They want to be able to do this in a way that lets them recapture the financial investment and sweat equity they’ve put into building the practice over the years. They also want to determine their long term level of active participation in the firm and the appropriate remuneration for their efforts, appraise the value of their practice if they choose to sell it, and prepare the next generation to lead the firm and build an exit-strategy.

The Atticus Exit Strategy Workshop will enable you to accomplish all of this…and more.

How Does the Exit Strategy Workshop Work?

  • A detailed transition roadmap customized to your firm and situation, with time lines for your succession plan and exit strategy.
  • Find out how other firms are approaching the issue. Your plan will be tested by your colleagues to ensure it is reliable.
  • Full discussions on practice valuation and options of how you can be compensated.
  • An associate development plan, if applicable, that addresses the nine characteristics of associates who develop into great partners to see whether you have the right associates on board.
  • An understanding of what life after transition will look like, and the various ways that partners plan and prepare for life after transition.
  • The best timeline to begin planning and a discussion on the typical stages in a transition.
  • A discussion on the real costs of not planning for your transition or retirement and how to avoid these costs.

What Attorneys Say

Wade Adams

Wade Adams, Adams, Adams & Baca

After attending the Exit Strategy Workshop…I was very impressed with the structure of the seminar.

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Jim Lupino

Jim Lupino, Hershoff, Lupino & Yagel

I was at a stage where I could have just walked away because I didn’t enjoy practicing law anymore.

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Elton Richey

Elton Richey, Law Offices of Elton B. Richey, Jr.

Atticus has given me a sense of control. I just have a real sense of where I’m going.

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Exit Strategy coaching programs costs $1295 for primary shareholder, $995 for second attorney from the same firm. To register simply download the registration form and fax it to (352) 383-8637. If you have any questions, call Denise Gamez at (407) 217-5076. 
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