These calls were selected as the most popular by our graduates. Subjects range from how to get away from the billable hour, to using technology more effectively, to innovative marketing ideas, and to basic practice management. We hope you enjoy these audio programs.

wristwatchValue Based Pricing – Part 1

Tired of sacrificing profits on the altar of the Almighty Hour? Innovations in value based pricing are linked to the legal profession’s future and entrepreneurial attorneys are learning how to deal with the issue effectively. Ron Baker, author of Professional’s Guide to Value Based Pricing, discusses moving your firm from hourly billing to bundling your services.

hourglassValue Based Pricing – Part 2

Ron Baker continues our discussion on moving your practice from hourly billing to a value based pricing model. If you are considering moving to an alternative to the billable hour, you will want to listen to the conclusion of this informative talk. This program was very popular with family law practitioners and commercial litigators.

paper-stackThe Paper “LESS” Office

Is your office overrun with paper? Is a paperless office an achievable goal? Debbie Foster of InTouch Legal talks about scanning documents – the basics of hardware and software needed – as well as the power of PDF files and the management of electronic documents. These ideas can contribute significantly to the efficiency of your firm.

megaphoneCommunicating for Success

Prevent office headaches and conflicts by understanding the different communication styles and use the ideas to build a more responsive and effective team. Judi Craig, a former Atticus® Senior Practice Advisor, assists you in recognizing basic communication styles and how to tweak your own style to have better rapport and influence with others. It works with colleagues, staff, clients, vendors – even your own family.

running-manRetreat to Move Forward

Which is more appealing: a firm retreat or sitting for a root canal? Neither may be attractive to a busy attorney. But retreats need not be painful, dull or, worst of all, unproductive. Mark Powers maps out what it takes to have a productive firm retreat that advances the firm to a new level of performance. You will learn how to: diagnose and define the primary retreat purpose; craft new agendas that do not stifle creative thinking; identify three factors needed in planning your retreat and listen to an interesting Q&A session.

pretty-faceNot Just Another Pretty Face

Would you like to take the guesswork out of hiring? It is said, “hire well or manage hard.” Carletta Pennington of The Omnia Group consults with law firms nationwide to identify competitive job candidates. During this call Carletta is joined by Atticus® Senior Practice Advisor Patrick Wilson as they discuss: defining the unique traits necessary for your candidate’s job success; identifying and avoiding the hiring of “professional interviewers” that look and sound perfect for the job; how law offices are using behavioral profiling and interviewing to reduce turnover, as well as many other tips that you can use now to build a high performing team.

keyUnlocking Your Profit Potential

Many firms expend a great deal of wasted energy seeking improved profits only through reducing expenses or adjusting billable hours and hourly rates. Using these approaches, however, can negatively impact staff morale and damage client relationships. Arthur Greene, author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Increasing Revenue: Unlocking the Profit Potential In Your Firm, leads this session where you can learn how to utilize your current resources to increase your profits.

cash-pocketParalegals & Profitability

Your paralegal can be a powerful revenue enhancer. Arthur Greene joins us again to discuss points from his book Paralegals, Profitability and the Future of Your Law Practice. You’ll learn tips for: selecting the right candidate, creating a practice model that really works, identifying key components for success, developing world class client service and correcting unprofitable situations.

kickMarketing “Kick In the Pants”

Jump-start your marketing efforts with the tips learned during this call. Mark Powers, President of Atticus®, and recognized for his proven marketing methods in the legal arena, leads this call and shares ways that your team can support you in your marketing efforts. In addition, he provides techniques, tips, and ideas for marketing that you can put to work today.

appointment-bookTime Management Tune-Up

Time is one of the few things in life that we are definitely all equal in, as we all have the same amount of it each day. How we use our time often determines our success or failure in a given endeavor. Key time management concepts and actions are just two of the tips mentioned on this call. Patrick Wilson leads the session reviewing time management strategies and an opportunity to sharpen your skills.



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