Melissa F. BrownMelissa F. Brown, LLC

Family Law
Charleston, SC

Five years ago, I hired the wrong law firm coach and never received the tools to help me improve my firm. This experience was very discouraging. Later, after observing the huge successes of several friends in running their law practices, I wanted to find out their secret. They told me they use Atticus to help coach them in running their law firms. I decided to give coaching another try and hired Atticus. After only two months, the benefits of using Atticus’ coaching were evident. Atticus’ written systems and procedures have shown me the importance of standardizing routine actions so excellence and consistency are the norm. Now I am already able to focus on the things I enjoy most while still increasing my revenues. I am grateful to Atticus for teaching me how to run my firm as a business and helping me work efficiently so I have more time with my family. Thank you, Atticus! I just wish I had signed up with you five years earlier!

Mark BeckerMark Becker

Certified Mediator
Tallahassee, FL

Before I met Mark Powers and launched headlong into using the Atticus marketing concepts, I had a self-defeating attitude that my differences were liabilities. Now I realize that to be happy and satisfied in my life, I need to utilize my differences as assets to grow my practice. Atticus helped me realize that there is more to life than billable hours.

I used to tell [my clients] that I was exciting all my life and decided to become a lawyer to find out what it was like to be boring. Now my life is so exciting that I jump out of bed each morning, ready to tackle the day.

Brian F. LaBovick, Esq.Brian F. LaBovick, Esq.

Personal Injury
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

For years I was skeptical about how a business ‘coach’ would impact my practice. I would say to myself, ‘I am doing a good job. I am a personable guy. I have clients and doctors and other referral sources. My business is growing. I am involved with the attorney organizations and even some other outside organizations. What could Atticus possibly do for me?’

Since [attending an Atticus seminar] we have grown the practice, set up better office systems, and run our marketing more effectively and efficiently. Over the past two years we used the Atticus system to grow our business by $2 million dollars per year.

Caroline BlackCaroline Black

Family Law
Tampa, FL

While working with Atticus, I achieved my initial goal and more. I have enhanced my time management skills and gained clarity on calendaring. I have also made significant strides in the area of team building. Learning how to leverage my team was key. I never thought about it prior to Atticus – but now it all makes complete sense. On a more personal note, I feel more confident. I know where I am. I know where I’m going – and I know how I’m going to get there. That feels really good.


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