The Practice Growth Diagnostic™ is conducted in two parts and is designed to provide the attorney insights into their personal style and their practice. Both parts take a total of about 30 minutes for the attorney to complete. A one hour telephone consulting session is scheduled to review the results. Every diagnostic is conducted by a highly trained member of the Atticus team.

The first part consists of a DISC personality profile, which provides key insights to the attorney into their behavioral personality preferences and styles. Our clients are briefed on how their personalities will help shape their marketing activities, interact with staff issues, and impact their change efforts in their lives and practice. These insights help the client be more aware of how they influence their surroundings and how to better handle the situations they deal with.

The second part of the diagnostic is the practice portion, which is broken into four categories. We help the lawyer assess key areas of the firm: cash flow, staffing, time management, and client development. Each of these systems needs to be in place and functioning for the firm to be in a position to serve the needs of the attorney. The systems are analyzed incorporating the perceptions of the attorney and we assess the attitude toward the system and the functioning of that system.

The discussions are very candid and often involve recommendations to the client to provide immediate help in a problem area. If appropriate, clients are guided to other resources from articles to seminars. The diagnostic is the perfect instrument to determine a baseline and decide on what actions are required to achieve the results of decreasing stress, increasing income, and working fewer hours.

The diagnostic procedure costs $295.00 and is truly where the discussion is all about you. To arrange for a confidential diagnostic, please call 352-383-0490 or toll free at 888-644-0022.


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