How does the program work?

Atticus Rainmakers™ works because it relies on a time-tested 21-Asset Marketing plan customized to your personality and paired with: a monthly marketing plan, live coaching with Practice Advisor Aaron Rothert, a monthly marketing class, an extensive resource website, interviews with master-level rainmakers plus monthly accountability and support calls. You get fresh ideas and constant encouragement while we educate, train and motivate you to succeed.

Who will be your coach?

Aaron_RothertAaron Rothert is an attorney, practice advisor, and former instructor for the Internal Revenue Service. He also has worked with the State’s Attorney’s Office in Florida. He has been published in Family Law magazine and is a guest blogger for Atticus. Aaron’s background makes him uniquely qualified to train attorneys using Atticus proven methodology. Based on client development methods that they have identified, enhanced and mastered, this program has withstood the test of time. The principles and techniques are delivered in a format that is compatible with the fast pace of the legal profession, controlled by your schedule, and tailored to the attorney’s individual personality for a more effective implementation.

What if you had the best Rainmaking Resources at your fingertips?

For only $125 per month, the Atticus Resource Center puts articles, systems and audio downloads at your disposal.

This Is How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers.

The cost is minimal: A $295 one-time set up fee, then $125 per month.
Interested? Interested? Call 888-644-0022.

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