For only $125 per month you get the following with the Atticus Rainmakers program.

Monthly marketing CDsMonthly Audio Downloads

Every month, you will receive a link to an audio file that covers a current Rainmaking topic for you to review. These recordings allow you the opportunity to prepare for – and get the most benefit from – the monthly conference call with Aaron.

Resource assistantA Resource Advisor

Your personal Resource Advisor will provide you with support and guidance throughout the program, in order to help you achieve your marketing goals.


We will help insure your progress by monitoring your marketing activity each month. You will be held accountable for the marketing actions you have agreed to carry out.

Aaron RothertA Group Coaching Call Each Month

Every month, you’ll be on a call with Aaron Rothert and a round table of lawyers just like you to provide you with support, fresh ideas, and motivation.

How Good Attorneys Become Great RainmakersHow Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers

This book provides you with an easy, practical action plan that helps you develop the marketing skills and habits needed to attract higher value clients and referral sources.

DISC ProfileA DISC Profile

These are forms designed to keep you focused proactively on the right referral sources. Not all referral sources are created equal. We help you identify and target those with the greatest potential each month.

The Rainmaker ProfileA Rainmaker Profile

This is a profile which evaluates your strengths and weaknesses as a marketer. Atticus Rainmakers™ profiles your marketing skills so that you can see how you measure up to your goals and to other Rainmakers.

American Bar Association logoWhat The Media Says

“… provides five simple steps to effectively market yourself. The advice is simple, and the results are spectacular.”

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StopwatchThe Clock is Ticking

Join Atticus Rainmakers™ today and begin aggressively building your  practice using these proven techniques. It’s time to take action, and it’s completely risk-free.






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