adam_klauberI decided to take the Atticus® Practice Builder seminar because I was getting too comfortable (which equates to being complacent) and I knew that we were close to getting our practice to a different level. I have a background in finance and business administration and, because of that, I had already implemented a lot of the concepts that Atticus® teaches. My firm is successful and growing and we are not slaves to the practice. We don’t work nights and weekends and my staff, partners and I genuinely enjoy being here. However, I knew that we could do better and with 20 or so years left to go before I retire, I was excited to make some changes and try to turn something very good into something great.

What we learned from Atticus® is that you can’t be great unless you get very deliberate about how you do things. Everything from the way you greet clients to the management of cash flow and the hiring of staff are all critical parts in the machine that we call a law firm. Atticus® has concisely identified all of those parts, broken them down to their most basic components and provided tools to improve and in some cases reinvent each one of them. The best part about the process is that, as attorneys, we already know how to do it.  Re-engineering your law practice takes the same skills required to dissect a case; you methodically analyze its parts, map out a plan and then implement it. Just like a lawsuit, there will be surprises along the way, but you can handle those by re-evaluating the plan and making the changes necessary to stay on course. Most of us do that every day.

If I could make one suggestion about the program, it would be to change the name. They call it “ATTICUS – Guiding your Practice,” but I think it should be called “ATTICUS – Guiding your Life,” because every concept fits just as well with the rest of your life as it does with the management of your practice. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this program, and I can assure you that it has great value even for those of you who are already thriving and don’t see the immediate need for change.

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