adam_loewyPrior to Atticus®, I was on my own for eight years. I had just got out of a Partnership that didn’t end well. I was motivated to take my practice to a new level, and I wanted to work with a coach. Attorney Scott Hendler told me about a great company that he has worked with for years by the name of Atticus®. I can remember the moment like yesterday when I was standing in my apartment, needing some guidance and direction, and I decided to attend their Practice Builder.

Working with Atticus® has been a transformative process on every level. In my personal life, I have made some substantive changes that have been life changing. In my business, I have made more money in the last two years than I ever have. On both fronts, I am happier than ever. I attribute much, if not most, of this to Atticus®. I can’t speak highly enough of the entire Atticus® team. One of the biggest impacts of implementing some of the Atticus® methods and principles is that I feel much more in control of my life and my business.

Because of the huge difference that Atticus® has made in my life, I often recommend them to other attorneys. It always shocks me when lawyers don’t want to attend the Practice Builder when it makes so much sense. However, if I think back a few years in my own life, prior to the Practice Builder – I understand the skepticism. I can remember when Mark Powers stood up in front of the room and said, “This will be a demarcation point in your career and life. From this day forward, your life will feel like a before and after moment.” At first I thought, “Did he really just say that…and did I just pay him $2000 to say it?!” I now know it’s true, and I would like to encourage other attorneys who are reading this. If you’re struggling, give Atticus® a try so you can experience for yourself the difference that they can make in your practice and life.

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