Brett-WillieLet me first begin by saying what a truly positive experience I had with the Practice Builder last month. The credit for that should go to the absolutely world class staff you have assembled at Atticus®. As you know, our firm has been involved with Atticus® for several years now and in the last five years we’ve experienced unparalleled growth and success. During that same time period, the economic climate has forced many firms in our area into stagnation; layoffs are common, firms have stopped hiring and many others are contracting or shutting their doors altogether. In contrast, during this same period, our firm has enjoyed an unbelievable influx of new business and we’ve quadrupled in size. We’ve expanded from a three attorney firm just eight years ago, to where we are today, a successful and secure 13 attorney firm involved in various interesting and complex fields of practice….and we’re still growing!!!

While much of our firm’s success is certainly attributable to the skill and dedication of our attorneys, our first-class staff and the quality of the services we provide to our clients, it’s clearly no coincidence that our rapid growth and success has directly coincided with our involvement with Atticus® and our implementation of Atticus® professional programs. As you know, the partners in our firm have been so pleased with their Atticus® experience that they thought the Practice Builder program would be a great opportunity to introduce a select group of associates to the Atticus® training and the lessons given at the Practice Builder; to view the practice of law from an entrepreneurial perspective as opposed to a strictly practitioner’s perspective. I was fortunate enough to be asked by my firm to attend the Practice Builder program and what I gained from the experience was an entirely unique vision of the contrasts between what most attorneys expect of their practice and what they typically receive from their practice.

The Practice Builder was an eye-opening experience and its concept is very clever in its simplicity…..that we are rewarded in our profession only to the extent we add value to the lives of the clients we serve and that by adding value to our clients’ lives we are able to compete in the marketplace far more effectively. The Practice Builder has truly expanded my perception of the broad role of attorneys within successful firms. It’s an awareness that comes with seeing the practice of law through the eyes of an entrepreneur who is selling his or her business as opposed to a technician simply focused on getting the work done.

Since learning these lessons, I’ve already begun expanding my role within my own firm and I look forward to putting these lessons into practice, not only as a technician, but as an important part of a successful and expanding business.

Thanks Mark. I appreciate what your company and your staff do and I look forward to a continued relationship into the future.

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