brian_guralnickFirst I would like to say that I am constantly referring any overworked and/or inefficient lawyer that I know to Atticus®.  Since I am very selective on whom I work with, that speaks volumes of you and your coaches.  I also appreciate that you are not a high- pressure sales person and it is evident that you truly want to help people who are interested in helping themselves in their legal and personal endeavors.

When we first spoke, you merely suggested that I begin by reading the book, The E-myth Revisited.  And only after reading that, did I decide on my own to come back to you for the Practice Builder Seminar and then to the Advanced Implementation Program.  This is smart on your part and greatly appreciated on mine because it allowed both of us to decide whether I was motivated and astute enough to understand that one must create and implement systems in order to not only become a more successful and profitable law firm, but to free up more of my time in my life to do the things outside of the law that I enjoy and make me happy.

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