My partner has worked with Atticus® for quite some time now, so I have had the chance to observe the difference that Atticus® makes in our practice.  He did the “Double Your Revenue” program last year and felt I would benefit from it.  He was right.  It has been very beneficial to have someone to talk to outside the firm who has a “business model” approach to the practice of law – versus an “attorney approach.”

The time management training has been very valuable.  I used to experience a lot of interruptions when people would call or stop by, and I would drop what I was doing.  The firm is more structured now.  We have systems in place for managing calls and meetings and client appointments.  I have a much better understanding of how and why the Atticus® principles work – so I follow them.  Of course, I really needed help with marketing as well.  I knew nothing about that prior to Atticus®.  I’m still learning, but things are definitely getting better.

Brian Lee 




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