When I first considered working with Atticus®, I felt very overwhelmed.  I wanted to take better control over my practice and life.  Atticus® has given me the tools and ideas I need to restructure my practice.  I’m a trial lawyer, so I have no control over the docket.  However, there are many things I can control throughout my day, and I believe I can.  The more I think on my Atticus® training and coaching, the more ideas I come up with.  I certainly haven’t “arrived” (and probably never will).  I’m a work in progress – but the good news is, “There’s hope!”  I’m enjoying my one-on-one coaching with Judi Craig.  I like all the Atticus® materials – and I’m very thankful for the work that Atticus® does to help make my day better.

Butch Cersonsky
Commercial Trial Work
Houston, TX


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