After having a flat period three years, I was just plain frustrated with the practice of law. I just could not believe that this could be all there is, especially because by every normal standard, my firm was successful. My background is in petroleum engineering; I’m board certified in commercial and residential real estate law; I practice in Houston; and it seems like all wealth in Texas is either oil/gas or real estate. So what was I missing? After some soul searching I attended the Double Your Revenue Workshop, and started working smarter.

My practice grew 60% in the first 6 months without any net increase in staff. Of course some expenses increased, but I was able to pay the largest staff Christmas bonuses ever. We started having fun again.

You guys ROCK!”

Carl Doré, Jr.
Board Certified-Commercial Real Estate Law
Board Certified-Residential Real Estate Law
Dore Law Group, Attorneys


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