I have been a solo practitioner at three separate times in my career, and each time I realize how important it is to be better focused and organized as your time is so limited and wasting time is not an option. I realized I needed to systematize my office procedures and to put together a team of professionals who could help implement this system. Only with this team in place could I get my work done and not be a “slave” to my office.

Atticus®, through its coaching and written materials, helped me to refine the processes that I already had in my office and to implement new procedures that needed to be in place. I took to heart what is preached in Atticus® that one needs to work “on” the practice instead of “in” the practice each day. Atticus® showed me how to do what I needed to do and what should be done by others.

I am now able to work less hours than I used to and get much more done during the day while continuing to grow my practice. I have time because I made time to market my practice, which has increased my income simply by refocusing my efforts where they are most productive. I am able to take time when I want to and not worry that my practice is suffering without me.

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