dave_carltonOn August 13, 2004, both of our law offices were destroyed by Hurricane Charley.  Over the ensuing 16 months, we practiced law out of a construction trailer in a parking lot.  Our thoughts and concerns turned away from the traditional issues involved in the every day practice of law and towards issues such as whether we would have enough electricity to run an air conditioner and the computers too.

Once our practice was reestablished, it seemed as though every decision had to cross my desk, legal and otherwise.  The systems approach in the Practice Builder program really struck a chord with me.  I can see how this approach would make our practice less dependent on me, and at the same time improve our service to the client and increase profitability.

I strongly recommend this program.  It allows you to put yourself first, and build your practice around your goals and values.  For one, I’m tired of being wed to the practice of law and the Practice Builder has shown me the way out of the storm.

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