David_GedHaving practiced for 12 years in Boston, I never really grasped or embraced the concepts that would allow me to really enjoy the practice of law.  Sure there were moments when I would win a case at trial or obtain a favorable settlement for a client, but overall I felt that the practice controlled my life rather than me controlling the practice.

Relocating back to Florida recently, and opening the law firm and title company, has created much the same hectic pace and lifestyle I had experienced in Boston.  I expressed my frustration to my cousin, Glen Ged  (who, as you know, has a very successful practice in Boca Raton and is a graduate of the Practice Builder program) and he urged me to attend the seminar and participate in the Rainmakers program as well.

Sitting in the program, I felt as if every issue in the 7 steps to re-engineering your law firm applied to my situation.  I walked away from the weekend rejuvenated and excited about implementing the steps to achieve the goals of working less and making more money.  Since my return and implementation of some of the concepts and processes I learned, I have noticed a difference in my attitude – as well as my staff’s.  I would encourage any attorney who wants to gain control of their life and enjoy the practice of law to attend the Practice Builder program.  I have recommended it to every attorney I meet that faces the same challenges as I have in the past.

Lastly, thank you for compiling such a competent team of professionals to convey and explain the techniques that make the Practice Builder such a wild success.

David S. Ged
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