Donald_ArmstrongIn the early days of practicing law, I sensed that I would never be satisfied with my practice, or life. It was extremely difficult to leave work behind. Three years ago, I did the two day Practice Builder in Manhattan – and then went on to do a year long advanced program. Although I have not strictly applied all that I have learned, many of the Atticus® concepts live on. I still use the A/B/C/D client, SMART rules for delegation, and eliminating tolerations on a regular basis.

Working with Atticus® has allowed me to separate my work from my personal life. I no longer feel guilty about taking a full weekend off. The down time fully energizes me to handle my work. I look at the practice (and many of the common problems like personnel, productivity and organization) very differently now. My Atticus® training affects my view and my way of thinking to this very day.

I hope that Atticus® keeps doing what they’re doing. I think it’s a good work and other attorneys will benefit from it, just like I have.

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