gregory_m_stokesThanks for inviting me to your seminar. Atticus® touched on all the basics in a fairly comprehensive fashion. Each segment seemed to be just the right length of time and dealt with things every well-run law firm should be doing. I particularly enjoyed the exercises. They kept me focused on each topic. My small group of four personal injury lawyers was well matched and worked as a team.

The written seminar material was helpful in visualizing improvements that we should all work towards. All in all the seminar met my goals of familiarizing myself with what your organization does as well as introducing me to members of your staff. The location was excellent as both Tom and I had flown in from Atlanta and appreciated not having to take a shuttle to a faraway location.

The only deficiency that I could see is that there appears to be a need for Atticus® to step up the Practice Builder to a higher technological level. I was a little surprised that most of your systems are paper based and the forms seemed to be somewhat dated. Hope these comments prove helpful.

Greg Stokes
Personal Injury
Atlanta, GA
Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.


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