Thanks to you for sending to me Mark’s and Shawn’s latest book entitled “How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers: A Breakthrough Referral Marketing Process”. Their book is easy to read. In addition to the substance of the book that is easy to read, the font type and size are reader friendly. Most importantly, the content or substance of their book is critical for attorneys who want to grow and nurture their practices. There is nothing on the market like their book.

After my initial read, I find that their book makes for an outstanding reference book, as I find myself going back to the index and parts of the book that I have highlighted to refresh my memory on various topics. One of my favorite aspects of the book are the many “Tips” that appear through out the text.

The book has become my virtual, constant companion. I keep it in my car so that if I’m stuck in traffic I have something positive and helpful to read. When I find myself in the waiting room of a professional, I have the book close by to re-read. The retail price of the book is a great value.

From another viewpoint, I’ll bet the book reduces the number of callers that have questions for you and others at Atticus®. A couple of times I found myself reaching for the phone to call you and before I did so I checked the book and found what I needed without having to contact you. The book is thorough.

In summary, I certainly recommend that the book become part of the Rainmakers’ program materials. The book does an outstanding job of putting much of the information we’ve received from Atticus® in one place for easy access. Shawn’s and Mark’s newest book is one that every attorney in private practice should have to support their rainmaking activities!

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