Jack-TownsendFirst I want to thank you and the Atticus® team for the attention to detail in providing an excellent course. I believe I got a mini-MBA concentrating on the Law Business Model from very talented, excited, and fun professors (you and your team).

As you know, Helen, my wife and office manager, and I came to Practice Builder after having successfully run a solo PI practice over the last 13 years. With our kids off to college and the empty nest syndrome in place, we were filling all of our new found time with law office work and activity. We were disorganized and scattered in our work and knew this wasn’t the way we should really be heading. Over the years I, like many others, have let the irritations and aggravations of solo practice steal the fun, enthusiasm, and passion for running a law business. The Practice Builder workshop was just what we needed to help with confronting how are we planning for the next one, five and ten years.

This was eye-opening, rejuvenating, and refreshing for this 25+ year attorney. Through the course work and presentations on goal setting, time/self management reviews, marketing planning and operations/cash flow oversight, I became re-energized about focusing on the tremendous business opportunity in my practice. After the Practice Builder and the follow up coaching, I’m enthusiastically running my law business instead of it running me.

I look forward to visiting with you in the future.

Jack L. Townsend, Sr.
Personal Injury
Tampa, FL


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