I was extremely impressed when I heard Mark Powers at a seminar I attended. I thought, this guy could make a big difference in my practice and my life. While working with Atticus®, I have achieved better time management and increased income, but the biggest impact has been that I am providing better representation for my clients. I am better organized and more in control of my work. I am focusing larger amounts of time on solving long-term problems rather than on putting out fires. I also am enjoying my practice more and making more money.

Imagine that you can go to work in the morning with a list of things you want to accomplish. You close your door and manage to accomplish everything on your list. You aren’t interrupted by numerous phone calls and are not disrupted by multiple emergencies. You go home at a reasonable hour after having generated a reasonable amount of revenue for the day. I have those days on a regular basis as a result of the things I have learned from Atticus®.

Jack Ross
Business Trial Law
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