Mark Powers and the system he has developed at Atticus® have truly transformed my work and personal life – imagine, a system that puts your life and life goals first, and then says, “let’s put your law practice into service for your life!” From that refreshing start, to everything essential about running an inspiring and inspired law practice – reducing the stress, improving client relations, expanding your business – Atticus® is what so many lawyers are really looking for.

I never thought I could “catch up” on the business of practicing law privately after a career in government – I no longer feel that. I never thought marketing could be fun, could be playful – Mark helps you enjoy it. When I cut back on my lunches now, I realize how much I miss them! Taking that hour and a half break from the day to go out and talk with people really refreshes me and makes me more productive the rest of the day! Setting up systems to take the guesswork out of many areas of running your business, that’s what Atticus® does. I cannot recommend Mark and Atticus® highly enough.

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