Jim_BalleranoI attended the Fund Assembly nearly twelve years ago, and I heard Mark Powers speak. Something he said caught my attention, and I have been working with Atticus® ever since. More recently, I attended the Practice Builder in Dallas with my partner. The light went off for him immediately about how the Atticus® principles could work for our practice, so we launched into a coaching program together. Working with an Atticus® coach is by far the smartest decision I have made in nearly thirty years of practicing law!

This year, I set three very important goals for myself. First, to double my revenue within the first quarter; next, to go to Italy for three weeks; and last, but certainly not least, to lose 30 pounds.

Our senior partner just sent me an email with our first quarter financials attached, and I was shocked (and elated) to learn that I accomplished more in three months this year than I did in six months last year. As a result, I am heading to Italy for three weeks in July. Now, if Atticus® could just share a magic bullet for the 30 pounds, I’d be set. As things stand, I am now in control of my practice and life. It used to be the other way around.

Jim Ballerano
Day Pitney, LLP




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