Initially I attended a mini-seminar that suggested improving the office efficiency through better time management and implementation of the Atticus® (then MPC Marketing) ideas and concepts. I had experienced the pitfalls of having more clients demanding more time for less money and the related stress of juggling files to try to keep up with everything without a clearly organized plan of attack.

After I worked with Atticus® I learned that there is a better way to handle clients and their files and information more efficiently, which in turn results in less stress and more available time for marketing or personal activities.

Now I have more control over my professional life instead of having just a job and place to work. I still do not utilize as much personal time to reach my goals as I want to, but I understand that I have to use the system and have the opportunity to make choices. The Atticus® system has many components and I have not yet been able to fully and completely implement and utilize them, but am consistently moving in the right direction. However, I do have times when I feel that I am getting caught up or focusing more on trying to follow the system instead of practicing law. I believe we have to work out a happy medium, to avoid the problem of most governmental offices, which is to allow the form to outweigh the substance.

Atticus® is a great program with wonderful people, and I highly recommend it for all attorneys. In fact, it should be a required class in law school, if not undergraduate. It provides improvements in social skills that many take for granted or never had the opportunity to learn.

Through the focus of Atticus® I have developed a motto of “Overcoming Hurdles of Life” and a new firm logo of “WadeLaw.” Our practice has a mission of helping select clients overcome the hurdles of life.

Jim Wade
Bushnell, Florida


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