The coaching process with Mark Powers is like having a business psychiatrist! An Atticus® coach is someone you can turn to with any situation who knows you and your practice and can give you accurate and honest feedback when you need it. Coaching will also help you identify areas you didn’t know you needed to work on and encourage you to keep going, even on the days you don’t really want to.

Before Atticus®, I was unorganized. I let my clients and outside forces control my day. I was unwilling to delegate or did not do so in an effective manner. I was good at giving business advice to others but I wasn’t following my own advice! Atticus® helped me to realize that by focusing on my needs and then the needs of my practice, I was better able to meet and exceed the expectations of my clients. Thanks to the time management principles, I am better able to organize my day and my time and have learned to delegate things that can be done by others.

The firm’s morale has increased now that everyone feels like they are part of the team working towards a common goal. The firm’s improved satisfaction and morale has in turn increased the clients’ satisfaction and we’ve experienced an increase in income!

Atticus® has made a difference in my practice and in my life. I would recommend coaching to everyone, even those who believe they are at the top of their game, as there is always room for improvement! After all, even Tiger Woods has a coach!

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