J.R. PhelpsWith thousands of newly graduated lawyers being added to Bar membership rolls each year, the need to learn and apply solid marketing principles grows increasingly more important as the field becomes saturated. Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis have penned a ‘star’ in an already overcrowded constellation of marketing texts. Their work dedicated to ethical marketing for lawyers presents in 326 pages the ‘nuts and bolts’ of easily mastered marketing assets and habits that every lawyer, whether a newly admitted Associate or seasoned Senior Partner, should possess.

Professional service providers by necessity must adopt a different marketing approach due to ethical constraints in ways others need not be concerned. Therein lays the key to the value of this work. Powers and McNalis outline a process to becoming a rainmaker that demonstrates their mastery of professional service marketing that is both ethical and adoptable by working lawyers. Bottom line – If YOU want to become a successful rainmaker, then adopt new habits to gain referrals, embrace new routines and change your customary way of approaching client development as outlined in this work.

As a Law School Professor teaching practice management, I fully intend to include this work as a ‘must read’ for my 3L students about to graduate and join the ranks of this profession. Each of them will benefit from the wisdom, habits and forms outlined in the text.

J.R. Phelps
Director (Retired) Law Office Management Assistance Service, The Florida Bar
Adjunct Professor Florida State University College of Law


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