kate-mesicWhen I came to the Practice Builder, I found myself as one of the only two lawyers there who has recently started a practice. Everyone else has been in business for a while. At first it felt uncomfortable, and then I realized that I will learn how to do things right. By the time I left, I felt confident that I will not waste the next 10 years making mistakes that everyone else has made, but rather will build my practice “the right way.”

The sections that I enjoyed the most were time management and client development. Both of these had concrete, practical ideas that could be implemented immediately. The moment I got back to the office I put them to the test and they worked! The level of my interruptions has gone down tremendously, which means I am much more productive. On the client development side, the exercises forced me to sit down and think about “why am I in business and what am I trying to accomplish?” something that I have not done before. This set a clear path for me and I know what I want to do now.

I would highly recommend this class to any lawyer. I think it is essential for lawyers who are starting a practice so they can learn how to run and build a successful business not just a law firm.

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