I want to thank you and the rest of the Atticus® staff for the incredible program you presented during the Practice Builder. Ironically, I first signed up because the Practice Builder coincided with a scheduled trip to Orlando; and as a “To Kill a Mockingbird” fan, I was attracted to the Atticus® name. Much to my surprise, I discovered that the evaluation prior to the Practice Builder, the materials and  program itself, and the continuing support of the Atticus® staff combined to ensure this was one of the most interesting, professionally executed, and truly useful programs I have attended in my 25 years practicing law.

I am the senior partner in a small litigation firm in North Alabama and have what I considered a successful practice. My dilemma is that the practice was running me as opposed to me running the practice. As a result I worked late nights and every weekend such that I was never able to spend time with my family or to engage in the hobbies I used to enjoy early in my career. The Practice Builder helped me focus on my true goals; and through the systems of Time Management, Effective Staffing, Client Selection, and Client Development, has provided me with the tools to focus on the quality of my practice and equally as important to have free time to spend with my family or to enjoy activities away from the practice.

I am truly impressed that as a non-lawyer you had the insight to successfully identify and design the tools to overcome the pitfalls that I and my fellow attorneys experience as our practice becomes more successful, but which result in our careers  becoming less enjoyable as the practice consumes our time. Your personal respect for the legal professional and appreciation of the realities of the practice of law were apparent throughout the program and you are to be commended as you have done a true service to attorneys such as me in designing the program. I plan to highly recommend the Atticus® Practice Builder program to my colleagues.

Larry Moore
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