lawrence-lehmannOur opportunity to work with Atticus® came at a time when our firm was overwhelmed with too many unprofitable matters for too many clients who came to us for everything. We almost never turned any business away, regardless of its source or area of practice, out of concern that we needed all the legal business we could get. We were overworked and underappreciated.

Atticus® taught us to only accept and retain clients who have legal issues in our areas of core competence and expertise and who truly appreciate the value we provide for them. We also learned to take control of our calendars by blocking out time for production, client meetings, staff meetings, marketing, exercise, vacations and weekends and enforcing the schedule. Atticus® helped us with ways to improve our working conditions and build motivated, forward-thinking internal teams, as well as how to build and reinforce a networking system to generate the best client referrals. We started working a lot more efficiently and we got our lives back.

Atticus® helped our firm evolve from an ill-defined general civil practice into one of the most respected family wealth counseling and estate planning and administration law firms in our region. We work primarily with high net worth clients whose passions, like ours, are to transfer to their families both their values in addition to their valuables.

The highlight of our relationship with Atticus® is our five-year partnership with our Atticus® Practice Advisor. Glenn Gutek has not only helped us define and achieve lofty professional and personal goals, not only taught us coaching skills which have made us better counselors at law, not only has he led us through our firm’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina, but more than anything, he has become a close personal friend.

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