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Time Management for lawyers is a must read, particularly for lawyers who feel like they are caught on the proverbial treadmill. I have worked personally with the authors for almost 15 years. I benefited from three years of weekly coaching with Shawn McNalis and this book contains everything that I have learned in those years of coaching with Shawn.

In my thirty years of experience as a trial lawyer, I have witnessed most lawyers being led around by the nose by their practices, chasing billable hours and living a life tied to the time sheet. Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis show lawyers how to prioritize their lives and maximize the use of their time. They actually show lawyers how to work less and make more! They also show lawyers how to create practices which serve them instead of the other way around. This book can be read in a matter of hours and can then serve as a resource for making life improving changes. I owe an improved business life and full family life to Mark and Shawn. Buy it, read it and re-read it.

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