Five years ago, I hired the wrong law firm coach and never received the tools to help me improve my firm. This experience was very discouraging. Later, after observing the huge successes of several friends in running their law practices, I wanted to find out their secret. They told me they use Atticus® to help coach them in running their law firms. I decided to give coaching another try and hired Atticus®.

After only two months, my firm is already beginning to flourish. Atticus®’ written systems and procedures have shown me the importance of standardizing routine actions so excellence and consistency are the norm. Their insistence upon building a great law practice versus just a “good one” was eye opening. I thought good was ok until I learned I was settling for less than my staff, family, and I deserved. Now I am already able to focus on the things I enjoy most: helping people resolve difficult marital issues, writing and speaking about this important area of law while at the same time (amazingly enough) finding more time to spend with my family.

Thank you, Atticus®! I just wish I had signed up with you five years earlier!

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