I opened my solo practice in 1989; I had always been with a big firm since I started practicing in 1954. I led a nice life but it came to an end in 1989 and I found my way to Atticus® after going out on my own and moving from NJ to FL. One of the greatest benefits of working with Atticus® is that I learned and realized that I was in business and not just a professional. I had to get rid of some of my attitudes of 20 years and the prevailing ethic of the suburbia bar. I stopped sitting around thinking I was going to land in a big pot of money one day. I learned about priorities. My wife and I were raising our 2 year old grandson at the time and I made up mind after going to Atticus® that he was my #1 priority and I have kept my commitment to that ever since. I realized what was important in life. I learned your life is more important than your law practice. I now not only plan vacations, I actually go on them! Atticus® taught me if you don’t plan it, you will not go. The Atticus® way is something important for lawyers; they don’t teach you in law school- this kind of training should be mandatory.

Nicolas Hagoor
Estate Planning & Trust Administration
Boynton, FL


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