Phillip KinneyI attended the seminar at the insistence of a new partner who participated in the Practice Builder last year. Needless to say, I was not a willing participant. I thought things were perfect as is. Two and a half years ago, I jumped out of firm life and began a solo career. A year later, I merged with another solo. For the past year, we’ve had excellent success with our cases and finances, while not overwhelming our personal lives with work. However, the Practice Builder identified areas of weakness and systems for improving to sustain long term success.

The two areas of the Practice Builder that were very beneficial for me were Staffing and Marketing. These are also the weakest areas of my business. I don’t enjoy managing employees, and historically, I’ve been lazy about marketing. Instead I tend to focus on doing 99.9% of the work with very little delegation. The Practice Builder provides systems for dealing with both. The seminar ended on Saturday evening. On Sunday, I reviewed my notes and the materials that were provided, and by Monday I instituted new systems for both areas. The changes provided instantaneous results.

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