When our firm did the Double Your Revenue program, I was taught how to look at the practice as a business and step out of the role as an attorney. As an associate, I reviewed my own practice for weaknesses. My team and I used the Atticus® model to analyze and process what was working and why and what was not working. From that we made adjustments, such as restructuring our staff to get more done with less people.

I also used the Atticus® tools to better organize my day and my practice. I began to adhere to a schedule and I saw my numbers go up to their highest level. Atticus® took everyday tools and gave me the motivation and accountability that I needed. It was easier to do with Atticus® behind me.

Atticus® provided that driving force that I needed and gave me direction. I set a goal to be achieved within 2.5 years. With Atticus®, I was able to hit my numbers in a year. The biggest thing I learned is that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life to make money. In fact, you can make more money using Atticus® tools and philosophy. The biggest impact has been more time for family and more money doing less work.

Russell Rosenthal
Cohn & Dussi
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