sonny_chastainDuring my twenty plus year career, I have read numerous articles and books on law office management.  I have analyzed and considered many topics in these writings like time management, setting boundaries, emails, interruption control and others.  However, I wanted to take these topics or concepts and actually implement them into my daily routine.  I wanted to learn to become more proactive in managing my system of operations in order to enable me to deliver more effective and efficient service to my clients.  I wanted to learn a system for managing the demands/expectations that I place on myself and that are placed on me by others in this fast paced business, all while striving to achieve my personal and professional goals.  I simply wanted to improve my ability to “dance with the chaos”.  I am glad that I found Atticus® and the Practice Builder.

The Practice Builder caused me to pick my head up from the daily grind and further identify my personal priorities and professional goals.  I worked with Nora Bergman and other Atticus® team members who offered great practical advice on changes to consider to my management/marketing systems which would enable me to move closer to achieving my goals.  While at the conference, I also enjoyed working with my attorney group members who were from all around the country.  In my group, we discussed common practice management issues in the business of law today and exchanged ideas to address them.

I appreciate the opportunity to attend the Practice Builder.  I look forward to continuing this journey of learning.  Thank you.

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