Ted-StaplesA couple of years ago, Mark Powers and Glenn Gutek did a retreat for our Firm.  Unfortunately, while a number of us “bought in,” the group as a whole did not. This year, I had my best two quarters ever; but suddenly business crashed. I had hit a wall financially and was looking for new ideas. When I got your Practice Builder flyer, it was great timing.  I had been meaning to change my practice focus and the time for a change was NOW!

What I like about the Practice Builder is that it focuses you directly on the issues. It’s a “workmanlike” program with serious content and practical suggestions that should pay off over time. No fluff. Right now, I feel like I’m turning the ship in the right direction.

I always thought I was focused and organized, but when I came back I realized I needed to eliminate distractions and budget my time better. As soon as I did, I became much more effective. The program also helped me point my team in right direction. They get that if we do what Atticus® suggests, we’re going to increase our incomes which translates into a better personal and professional lives.

Personally, I really like Mark’s idea of walking away from the demands of my practice a couple times a month to do something fun with my family. Now, everyone gets one special day a month. Last month was a “Daddy/Ryan Day.”  My oldest son and I went to see a local Civil War battlefield where  his great, great, great grandfather fought. The concept quickly caught on! Next month is “Daddy/Gavin Day” (the zoo seems to be the choice) and my wife is looking forward to her turn in January, 2010 (maybe she will get that spa day!).

I am very excited about the direction I’m headed and time will tell just how much I’m able to accomplish. I’m pumped. Thanks, Mark, and the entire Atticus® Team!

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