I was working a lot of hours and not making enough money for my reputation in the community. I was living under too much pressure for very little reward. Working with Atticus®, there is now a higher level of calmness in my office and much more participation from my team. We have increased our revenues incrementally, which is very comfortable for me. I  have free time for my life. It’s surprising to work fewer hours and yet make more money! And Atticus® helped me do this in a way that empowered my staff rather than just burdening them.

The biggest over-arching impact from implementing the Atticus® methods and principles is having a sense of being able to achieve your goals, if you’re willing to do the work. My coach’s support for my creativity is very enlivening and encouraging. It’s a treat to take an entire weekend off without feeling guilty, and I do so regularly now.

I no longer respond to ‘emergencies’ created by others. I’m also teaching my team to not respond to those trumped-up “emergencies.” I have also found that the Atticus® principles interface with my spirituality in surprising and life-enhancing ways.

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