I met Mike Elliott at a dinner and we starting talking about running our law firms as a business and spending time working on the business and not in it. He told me about the Collegium and I attended one of the meetings. Atticus®, and their programs, have helped me to continue to focus on working on my business and not in it. I have used various programs and they have all been of benefit. In addition, my staff has participated in various programs which has had benefit as well.

Presently my marketing director is using Atticus® which makes my life a lot easier. I know that she is being trained with the same principles that I use so it saves me lots of time in training. I was using the Atticus® methods and principles before I even heard of Atticus®. However, using Atticus® has improved my abilities in running my business in a proper manner.

Atticus® is the best investment a lawyer or attorney can make. It is too bad more lawyers do not take advantage of it, although it makes my life a lot easier not having to compete with other lawyers who are trained by Atticus®.

Tony Spagnuolo
Residential Real Estate
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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