Keynote Speaking Topics:

  • The Entrepreneur and the Attorney?
  • Strategic Planning for the Large and Small Firm
  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective
  • Strategic Planning: What to leave out, what to leave in
  • The Business of Law
  • The Marketing Mindset
  • The Growth Mindset
  • Purposeful Change for Law Firms
  • Stress in the Law Firm
  • Five Themes of Leadership: The Hard Science and Soft Skills You Need to be a Great Leader
  • The Strategic Advantage that will Last a Lifetime
  • Law School Didn’t Teach This
  • Great Law Firm Management
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • The New Reality in the Law Practice

Breakout Section Presentations:


  • Kick Start Your Marketing
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing Without Advertising
  • Simple & Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing for Attorneys that Hate Marketing
  • Why Marketing is an Ethical Obligation
  • Rainmaking 101
  • Marketing for Success
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing
  • You Can Make it Rain, Even in a Drought
  • Marketing Your Way to Success
  • Maintaining and Expanding Your Law Firm’s Reputation
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Creating a Client Experience
  • 26 Ways to Deliver Clients to Your Door
  • The 3 Most Important Steps to Marketing Success
  • Leveraging Your Time and Talent to Market
  • Think and Act Like a Marketer
  • Charities and Marketing in the Law Firm

Time Management

  • Time Management Makeover
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Day
  • Get Organized!
  • Time Management for Brilliant Attorneys
  • Time Management – Advanced Applications
  • Time and Marketing Enhancement for Law Firms (TAME)
  • Break the Time Barrier
  • Increase Your Productivity, Decrease Your stress, Get More Done in Less Time
  • Time Management That Works & Keeps on Working
  • Time Is on Your Side- Why Not Have it All?
  • Love Your Practice Again
  • Take Control of Your Time
  • Managing Your Email and Your Time
  • Managing Interruptions
  • 7 Ways to Control Your Email


  • Hire Slow – Fire Fast
  • Managing to Find the Right People
  • Stacking the Deck in Your Favor – Hiring the Right Staff
  • Keeping the Best and Changing the Rest
  • Creative Options to Retain and Reward Your Team
  • Staffing for Success
  • Secrets from a Staffing Pro
  • How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person
  • How to Keep the Best and Forget the Rest
  • Building a Championship Team
  • Winning with a Championship Team
  • Choose Your Partners Wisely
  • How to Discipline Your Staff
  • Creating a Stress Free Work Environment
  • Keys to Motivating Your Staff
  • Becoming a “Conflict Confident” Attorney
  • What Does Your Staff Think?
  • The Power of Delegation:  How to Do it Right.

Financial Controls

  • Getting Financial Control
  • Fraud Prevention
  • What is Your Financial Plan?
  • How to Improve Cash Flow
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Weathering an Economic Storm


  • Windows or Mac – the Best of Both
  • Technology in the Law Firm
  • Transitioning to Apple in the Law Firm
  • The Legal iPractice
  • Internet Marketing – the Basics
  • Electronic Security in the Law Firm
  • Who Needs Social Media?
  • The Power of Social Media
  • Making Sense of the Technological Noise
  • The Game Changer


Succession Planning

Firm Valuation

Value Pricing

Webinar Topics

  • Creating a Competitive Advantage
  • 7 Growth Strategies for the Coming Year
  • 10 Big Lies
  • The Gift You Should be Giving Your Law Firm
  • New Year, New Accountability
  • Planning Your Exit
  • To Merge or Not to Merge?
  • Entrance and Exit Strategies that Work
  • Managing Gen-X
  • The Domestic Assistant Advantage
  • Great Opportunities Disguised as Problems
  • Innovate or Die
  • So You Want to Change Your Practice Area
  • Why Innovation in the Law Firm Matters
  • Achieving Life Balance in Your Practice
  • Improving Your Realization Rate
  • Seven Ways to Control Your Email
  • Dollars & Sense
  • Five Innovations to Improve Revenue
  • Time Management Tune-Up
  • 7 Hot Tips for Your Law Practice
  • Cash is King
  • Zero Tolerance Collections
  • Dominate Your Market in the Coming Year
  • The Value in Value Pricing
  • The State of the Street – Surviving in a Tough Economy
  • 7 Ways to Control Your Email


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