Is a Law Firm Retreat Appropriate for You?

There are several important reasons why law firms consider retreats. The reasons include the following: team building – spending time with team members and partners in a more relaxed environment fosters a greater sense of collegiality; dealing with  compelling issues in the firm – such as compensation plans, exit strategies and succession planning; developing an actionable strategic plan to intentionally shape the future direction of the firm. I believe that my practice advisors and I can bring added value and results that are not normally achieved in law firm retreats.

Successful Law Firm Retreat Characteristics

What are the characteristics of a successful law firm retreat? In this video Gary Holstein explains how your law firm can put on a retreat that not only is successful, but achieves the desired results you need.

The Retreat Process

If you are willing to identify and work on the issues that may be confronting your firm and are interested in developing a vision of your firm over the next 1-3 years, then a retreat may be appropriate for you. A law firm retreat is part of a process and should not be viewed as a singular event. As such, it requires a methodology and defined, measurable results. Please view the introductory video for a synopsis of the proven and effective methodology that we use.

Measurable Results

The measurable results are part of breaking the strategic goals that we help you define into very granular, actionable tasks with dates, metrics and persons who are accountable for accomplishing the tasks. This pertains to dealing with any issues that are impeding the growth or  profitability or sustainability of the firm as well.

Questions to Ask if Considering a Retreat:

  • Is your firm realizing its full revenue and profit potential?
  • Are there issues that are impeding the success of your firm?
  • Does your firm have a strategic plan for moving forward?
  • Are some of the partners on a different page than you regarding
  • the firm’s growth and future?
  • Does the current culture reflect your values?
  • Do you have a high performing staff?
  • Is the firm marketing to its potential?
  • Are your clients receiving an excellent client experience?

Atticus, Inc. has been working exclusively with attorneys for over 20 years to address these issues and other critical firm issues. David Phelps and Gary Holstein, Certified Practice Advisors, apply a practical and proven methodology to help you work through these issues and create and implement a strategic plan that works for your firm.


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If you would like to further discuss the notion of a retreat, please call  Susan Schmidt at (352) 382-2393 or email her at to schedule a confidential talk with Gary Holstein.


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